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When you want a consultation on any procedure, Dr. Stevens will always meet with you personally. Choose the Clinic that suits you best.

Kliniek HolyStaete | Organic Surgery
Kliniek HolyStaete
  • Competitively priced
  • Out-patient clinic and operation theater in a modern setting
  • Privacy prior to surgery and a shared recovery room
  • E-mail correspondence with Dr. Stevens or his administrative assistant
  • Full post-operative care and accessability to medical support for an optimal recovery
call: +31 10 474 23 65 mail: how to get there
Bergman Clinics | Organic Surgery
Bergman Clinics
Den Haag/Rijswijk
  • 24-hour a day accessibility by phone, 6 days a week 
  • A personally assigned 'consultant' to guide you through the entire process - from consultation to the day of your surgery.  
  • Private room, during your stay on the day of the surgery. 

call: +31 88 900 05 37 mail: how to get there