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Introduction | Organic Surgery

Lipofilling is a cosmetic procedure that uses small quantities of the client’s own (purified) fat to fill "dents" in various parts of the body that look "empty". Such dents can be caused by rapid weight loss or trauma, or they can exist simply because of someone's natural build. This innovative way of giving back structural support allows Dr. Stevens to recreate youthful curves and lines, create a healthier and softer look, and bring back volume to places where aging has made it disappear.

A Three-Step Technique

Step 1: Dr. Stevens begins by removing the patient's fat from the area between the navel and the knees by delicate liposuction, which keeps the fat cells alive. He uses a very fine needle-like cannula for the liposuction that he designed himself so he could perform this kind of liposuction very gently. He makes tiny 1mm punctures (adits) in locations where he will remove the fat so that he will not alter the patient's apearance. 

Step 2: Then the fat material he has removed is processed to separate the living fat cells from the liquid waste, such as blood and oils.

Step 3: Finally these purified living fat cells are injected into the target areas in very fine droplets, which disperse throughout the different tissue under the skin.

Step 1: Harvesting - Lipofilling -

Step 2: Centrifuge - Lipofilling -

Step 3: Inject the fat cells - Lipofilling -


An Additional Option

An Additional Option | Organic Surgery

An option often chosen by Dr. Stevens' patients is to combine their facial lipofilling surgery with liposuction surgery in the area of their body between the navel and the knees.  He uses an improved fat grafting technique with "invisible" incisions hidden in skin folds.  This results in a permanent, impressive improvement in the harmony of your abdomen and flanks as they relate to your overall posture.

Uses of Lipofilling

The Face

Lipofilling can be used to treat the face to:

  • fill and reduce wrinkles, for example, nasolabial folds.
  • increase "fullness" in a naturally thin face or in the early stages of facial aging.
  • restore volume and shape to the face, such as in the cheeks, around the eyes, and along the jawline.
  • complement a face-lifting procedure and improve the harmony of the face.

The Buttocks

Lipofilling can be used to treat the buttocks to:

  • add fullness, projection and shape to an under projected or flat buttock area.
  • create a lifting effect for the lower back, buttock, and upper legs.

The Breasts

Lipofilling can be used to treat the breasts to:

  • restore asymmetrical breasts when using a silicone breast implant is not desired.  Note that the asymmetry must be no more than a small cup size.
  • enlarge breasts up to a maximum of one or one-and-a-half cup size per treatment.


Lipofilling can be used to treat the results of trauma to:

  • restore “depressions” (dents) under the skin that resulted from trauma.
  • correct irregularities caused by badly performed liposuction.
  • minimize scars or pigmentation disorders.