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The Basics

The Basics | Organic Surgery

Organic surgery is based on what surgeons have learned about complex wound healing over many years.  Cosmetic surgeons have borrowed the best procedures and treatments from this field of study and creatednew solutions to give their patients the best results possible, in particular, the procedure of using patients' own (autologous) fat and blood to achieve results never before possible.

Natural, Not Artificial

Why use artificial material when you can safely use your own?  Organic surgery means that your own fat is used to enhance, for example, the size of your breasts or deep lines on your face.  This technique is also called ‘lipofilling’.  Lipofilling is often combined with "growth factor," that is, platelets.  This "repair system" is often referred to as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.  

Dr. Jeroen Stevens is a pioneer in using living fat cells in combination with PRP for reconstructive and aesthetic purposes. He places a very fine, thin layer of living fat cells just under the skin, This supports the skin and makes it more elastic, thicker, less wrinkled, and healthier!

By using this existing technology, he has created a cosmetic surgery solution that is so much more effective than ever before.

Restore Healthy, Vibrant Skin

Dr. Steven’s organic cosmetic surgery is based on the tried and true techniques of reconstructive plastic surgery.  Organic surgery reverses skin damage caused by severe trauma, irradiation, chronic infections, or badly-performed surgery.  Moreover, it heals your skin by using your own healthy, well-hydrated tissue.

Today women and men want their bodies to have pleasing shapes, curves, and lines as well as healthy, vibrant skin. They might desire to repair damaged tissue, or, to simultaneously create something both functional and, from an aesthetic point of view, that looks nice and healthy in terms of shape, curves and lines.

Organic surgery is the answer.

Organic Surgery and Aging

Organic Surgery and Aging | Organic Surgery

The effects of gravity is only one of the factors that contribute to an aged apearance. Only in recent years have surgeons realized how to counter act gravity.  Now it is indisputably accepted that lipofilling, under pretty much the entire face, is the missing link to reverse the effects of gravity. And so the approach to improve aging skin changed.

Think of it as a house that ages on the outside due to the weather. Work on the house itself (including any construction or renovation) is all above ground and can be a really nice 'jacket'. But if the foundation collapses, you have a very different problem, and neither the painter nor the carpenter can help you then.

Organic versus fillers or botox

The beauty of using your own fat is that, aside from the benefits mentioned above, evidence suggests that fat does more than just provide volume and support. The removal of fat for lipofilling harvests not only fat, but also stem cells. Two to five percent of your fat cells that are reintroduced during lipofilling are stem cells which can develop into any type of cell - muscle, fat, connective tissue, skin, and so on - depending on the need at the site where the fat is injected.  Science is just beginning to understand this process of how cells seem to "collaborate" with each other.

And here are some other benefits of using your own fat cells:

  • Unlike fillers, you own fat does not cause a rejection reaction.
  • Larger quantities of fat can be injected in one treatment, thereby greatly surpassing the amount of injectibles - such as Botox® or Restylane® which are restricted.  This eliminates the need for costly additional injectables three or more times a year.
  • Your own fat allows for "modeling" or sculpting your face as the fat is injected gradually from one area of your face to an adjoining area.
  • Your own fat allows for three dimensional expansion.
  • The likelihood of needing to repeat the treatment is significantly reduced when your own fat is used.  Among a group of 200 Dr. Stevens' patients who had organic facial surgery, less than 1 in 50 needed a repeat treatment.

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