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Curriculum vitae

Photo of dr Jeroen Stevens

Dr. Jeroen Stevens was trained as an MD and plastic surgeon at the Erasmus Medical University in The Netherlands.  He was awarded his Ph.D. in 1991.

Currently, he is a board member of the Dutch ISAPS (International Society of Plastic Surgeons), as well as an international inspector for that organization.  As co-founder of DAFPRS (Dutch Association for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)( he was instrumental in providing numerous national and international fellowships for plastic surgeons of the face.  Moreover, he is the founder of, an online platform for sharing surgical know-how for and by surgeons. Dr. Stevens has contributed to more than 35 scientific papers. This year alone, he will publish three more scientifically approved research papers about the 1.2.3.Dimensional Concept and Organic Surgery (See the Research section for these papers.)


Media | Organic Surgery

Dr. Stevens has also been featured on several Dutch television programs ('Koffietijd', 'RTL Boulevard', 'Mooier Leven', 'Gewoon Mooier') and in print media ('Telegraaf', 'Algemeen Dagblad', 'Volkskrant', 'NRC', 'Gooisch', 'Santé').

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the last 10 years

the last 10 years | Organic Surgery
He has introduced several new and/or refined procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery over the last 10 years, for example:
  • Facelift with traction sutures
  • Vertical U-rhytidectomy
  • Micro fat grafting for lipofilling of the face, breast and buttock
  • A scarless technique for umbilicoplasty in abdomoplasty
  • Superficial versus deep lipofilling of the face, which enables skin regeration and contour improvement, respectively



recently | Organic Surgery

Most recently Dr. Stevens introduced the 123-D Concept for the ageing face. Organic Cosmetic Surgery is a cornerstone in this 'regenerative' concept tht involves microfat grafting plus platelet derived growth factors. On this topic he:

  • Gave lectures in different countries, for example over the last year in Australia-Hobart, South America-Rio, Europe-Amsterdam, and in the Middle East, Dubai)
  • Performed live surgeries (in Portugal-Lisbon and Holland-Amsterdam)
  • Gave presentations at worldwide congresses (ISAPS, ASAPS, NVEPC);
  • Trained over 55 national and international Fellows from over 18 countries
  • Has written an E-book about lipofilling, to be released early 2015
  • Designed and produced, together with TULIP Medical Instruments, his own preferred set of cannullas for fat grafting and lipofilling, which are sold world-wide
  • Has done pioneering scientific Research

Click here to read about Dr. Stevens' pioneering work in Organic Surgery and his 123D Concept.