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eBook for professionals

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 Download it now if you want to be one of the first to have the eBook, holding 3 volumes, dr Stevens has written on
Organic Surgery, Lipofilling, PRP, SVF & PRS - How to Do It Yourself.

It is a practical step-by-step handbook for medical professionals. It holds over 200 instructional videos and photos and is fully interactive.

Check the iBook store to get your copy and let me know what you think of it by mailing me at

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Organic Surgery and Doing It Yourself, if you are a medical health care professional, is something I like to support.

Great results can be obtained by innovative techniques, modifed and improved instruments and the 3 parts of the eBook I have published about it are now available in the iBook Store!

Lipofilling, small volume, large volume, PRP, the making of SVF by mechanical dissociation within 45min on the OR, no enzymatic complex procedures, the making of Platelet Rich Stroma (PRS), I have published an eBook to download, so check it out right now and make your patients benefit.


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