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1.2.3.D concept for the face

Dr. Jeroen Stevens has created a cause based concept of treating the aging face. It is reffered to as the 1.2.3.Dimensional Concept (1.2.3.D-concept). This concept explains how vectors of aging need to be addressed to garantuee natural appearing post treatment results by better understanding how to give back what changed. Improving curves, contour and position and bringing back that radiating skin!

Lipofilling of the breasts

Do you want to enlarge your breasts but don't want to use silicone? Are your breasts underdeveloped and small, but you do not want a big increase in their size?

Or what if your breasts are asymmetrical and you want to change that? Do have a thin covering with rippling as a result of a previous breast augmentation with implants? Are your breasts out of proportion with the rest of your body, and you'd like to change that?

Buttock augmentation

Do your buttocks sag and are they less firm than they were? Have they become flat? Or have you never been happy with the shape and/or size of your buttocks? Do you want the distance between your waistline to be smaller? Do you have large thighs, also called culottes on eaither side of your butttocks?

Decolleté & hands

The hands and/or decolleté, in particular, shows the real age of a person, more than the face and other parts of the body. The skin on the back of the hands is very soft and sensitive and is strongly affected by aging. At the same time, the underlying bones become more and more visible and begin to protrude. In addition the skin of both the decolleté and hands get thinner and age spots appear.