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Organic surgery is based on what surgeons have learned about complex wound healing over many years. Cosmetic surgeons have borrowed the best procedures and treatments from this field of study and creatednew solutions to give their patients the best results possible, in particular, the procedure of using patients' own (autologous) fat and blood to achieve results never before possible.


Lipofilling is a cosmetic procedure that uses small quantities of the client’s own (purified) fat to fill "dents" in various parts of the body that look "empty". Such dents can be caused by rapid weight loss or trauma, or they can exist simply because of someone's natural build. This innovative way of giving back structural support allows Dr. Stevens to recreate youthful curves and lines, create a healthier and softer look, and bring back volume to places where aging has made it disappear.

Growth Factors from PRP

Another advantage of Organic Surgery is that one's own repair system is used to achieve optimum results and a relatively rapid healing period. This is accomplished by using the growth factors found naturally in your own blood. These growth factors accelerate wound healing and improve the new injected fat cells. They also re-activate and rejuvenate the existing "old" cells.

PRS - self repair

Aging is natural, but sometimes people do not feel the same on the inside as they look on the outside. Some people display age disproportionately more around the eyes, the jaw line, and the neck, while others do not.