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1D Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Testimonials - Eyes by drStevens - Organic Surgery

Cosmetically speaking, it has become very beautiful.  Not extreme, but subtle

Wish: First let me tell you that I am very happy with it. It is cosmetically very beautiful, not extreme, but subtle. People look at me and wonder, but they do not exactly know what is different about me.

Operation: The tired look has been very much reduced and I no longer felt tired trying to raise my eyebrows.

The first day, the wound looked miserable, but I was warned. I was confident that it would all be okay. And it was. I always iced my face. There was some swelling around my eyes, but no bruises. So that was better than expected.  After a week I already looked good, and I already felt quite recovered. The first days were quite intense, but I recovered miraculously fast. I planned a full week at home to recover. I've had no regrets in those first days. Despite what I have been put through, I only really thought that II should have done it earlier.

Testimonials - Eyes by drStevens - Organic Surgery

Results: It is cosmetically become very beautiful. Not to be rigorous, but subtle. I hope I've added a little bit about what to expect from surgery to help others over the threshold or to stab them heart them under the belt. Thanks again for your successful surgery and good luck with your work.

A 68 year old lady with fine wrinkles. | Organic Surgery 123D MACS lift and lower eyelid and lipofilling combined with breast augmentation | Organic Surgery