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Buttock lipofilling with growth factors and own bloodcells

Testimonials - Buttock by drStevens - Organic Surgery

Wish: Before deciding I wanted a butt augmentation with fat transfer (lipofilling), I had done enough research to know exactly what I wanted from this procedure. I knew Dr. Stevens was one of the leading surgeons in his field. I was quite happy with my body but I wanted my butt to be fuller. And having a flatter belly was one of the perks. My initial wish was to have 600cc fat injected into each cheek.

Dr. Stevens told me this was not possible with one surgery. I had to undergo a second surgery if I wanted to achieve those results. I was a little disappointed. But then again, I could always go for a second surgery.

Operation: The day of the surgery I was really nervous. The moment when you put on the gown, it dawns on you that you are going to have a major surgery. I was on the verge of hyperventilating when they called me up to the OR. The doctors were really nice and attending though. The next thing I remember is feeling light headed and then thinking I’m about to faint. I guess not a lot of people feel that before they fall asleep, most people don’t even remember being sedated. When I woke up I was trembling heavily. I heard the anesthesiologist telling the nurse to give me something for the tremors. Eventually I stopped trembling. All I could feel were my inner thighs and I remember panicking and asking the nurse if they didn’t remove fat from my belly. They had, it just didn’t hurt as much. I was very sleepy for about 2 hours and then I asked the nurse to give me my phone. I don’t know why, probably because of the drugs, I was really happy despite having undergone a two hour long surgery. All I could think about was my new body. I called a few friends, ate a meal and watched tv. I even listened to music and tried dance along in my bed. That was pretty embarrassing now that I look back. The first time I felt pain was when I had to go to the bathroom. It was quite hard to get off the bed. But with the help of two nurses it was doable. Overall, the first day went very well, not nearly as bad as I had imagined.

Like I said, the first day was not that bad. It was actually the easiest day for me. The next day I was allowed to go home. And that’s when I started hating my life. That lasted for about two weeks. In my case, fat was removed from almost everywhere; my legs, belly and lower back and injected into my butt. So lying down or sitting down was really uncomfortable. I walked around in my house the whole day to relieve the pain. That helped me a lot and it was good for my blood circulation. I also believe that helped keep the fat cells alive.

After three weeks, I felt much better. I was finally able to sleep on my side which is a big deal for me. The bruises started to clear up too. ( I had bruises all over my legs because of the liposuction. This doesn’t happen to everyone though)

Testimonials - Buttock by drStevens - Organic Surgery

Result: Now it has been almost three months since the surgery. I started exercising again. The injected fat didn’t lose its volume too much. And I have to say, 350 cc fat made a significant difference. I’m getting compliments from a lot of people. Dr. Stevens did a great job. I love my new physique! And the best thing about it is I can eat as much as I want, my butt will just get bigger :)

62 year old woman | Organic Surgery