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Jennifer, 52 year old woman

Testimonials - Hands by drStevens - Organic Surgery

After speaking with Dr. Stevens and learning what he could do for my hands, I opted for hand rejuvenation. I must say that the result, soon after the treatment, was amazing. There were no visible blood veins, and the so-called “liver spots” are far less visible. In other words, my hands look younger again, and I am very happy with them.

Information: When you consider having plastic surgery, you most likely want to beautify your face, augment or reshape your breasts. or remove unwanted fat in the abdomen, hips or thighs. Dr. Stevens is an expert in the techniques and treatments used for such surgeries and achieves outstanding results for his clients. But what about your hands? People see them almost as often as they see your face—when you pay for something, sign a document, use a computer, and especially if you “talk” with your hands. As you mature they might look older because veins and dark spots start to appear. Dr. Stevens has perfected surgical techniques and treatments so that your hands will look more youthful and enhance your appearance. Click for more information about this surgical technique.

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