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38 years old - woman

Testimonials - Breasts by drStevens - Organic Surgery

Wish: A fuller breast, with body's own material: own fat. Not a big breast, but still at least 1 to 1.5 cup extra from a small B to a real C.

Operation: In two surgery sessions , with approximately 6 months in between, first respectively 220 and then to 240cc own living fat cells has been injected by a puncture of only 1 mm. This procedure has no need for stitches so no scars at all. In the end, around 75% in volume of the injected amount of fat cells, remained. Matching a shared increase of about 350cc to exactly the desired 1.5 extra cup size. The new breasts are smooth and elastic, just like its own tissue.

Result: The pictures were taken 9 months after the last surgery and thus show a result that will not change back in size: a lasting result with the body's own tissue.

24 year old student | Organic Surgery